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Buy Rajasthani Jutti Women With The Latest Design at Incredible Prices

Buy Rajasthani Jutti Women With The Latest Design at Incredible Prices

The jutti is a traditional and modern representation of Indian origin. An Urdu word known as Jutti (also spelled Jhutti, Juthi, or Juti) describes a shoe with a closed upper and a sole. But aren't you curious about how these juttis were made? This is its past.

Indian traditional footwear known as jutti has been around since 200 BC. Their ancestry can be found in the Mughal Empire. From being a traditional shoe company, Jutti's has transformed into a custom-made, ethical must-have. They are spherical or M-shaped and cover the front portion of the feet. The Buddhist era saw a surge in the popularity of strapped sandals. Later, these ethical shoes became increasingly well-liked in north India, particularly in Rajasthan. If you are looking to buy Rajasthani Jutti women, to wear on your wedding day, or it is just another festival, or a traditional occasion there is jutti for every event.

Let's talk about the most widely purchased Rajasthani jutti first.

1. One of our best-selling juttis is the silver pearl one. This jutti is a must-have to wear with your Indian attires because silver pearls offer the ideal amount of shine to any festive ensemble. Rock the party by adding this glistening jutti to your outfit.

2. Pearl magic rani pink - This jutti features beautiful pearl floral motifs against a neon pink background.

3. Grey pearls: This elegant jutti features pearl embroidery on a grey basis. It completes the appearance well and looks stunning with pastel-colored clothing.

4. One of our prettiest pieces is the one with the pearly beads. It has a foundation that is coral-colored and is adorned with delicate white pearls and other beads to create complex decoration.

5. Pink pearls – The foundation of this jutti is a lovely shade of pink, and it is embroidered with small white pearls.

6. Grey tassel - A pearl tassel hangs along with the embroidery that lines the jutti's base colour of grey.

Buy Rajasthani Jutti Women Online At Reasonable Prices

Visit the website to see the newest styles of juttis we have in stock for you. You may get a good impression of how our juttis look and which one will go best with your outfit by taking a sneak glance.

The craftsman have also demonstrated the meticulous technique to create jutti for women. You'll see how skillfully and meticulously our designers create the juttis with fine details.

The virtual store will have everything, including phulkari, pearl beads, and sheesha craftsmanship. Now, all the stunning women reading this page can slip on our jutti for women.

Thus it concludes that an Indian wardrobe isn't complete without a few great pairs of ethnic juttis. Buy Rajasthani Jutti wome from these amazing wide selections that will go with any outfit, whether it be a saree, lehenga, suit, kurti, or Indo-Western apparel.

You won't be let down by the variety of handcrafted designer juttis in our collection for women. For nearly any occasion, there are a few pieces and designs available.



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