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Dulhan Juttis for the Bride Who Wants Everything Traditional

Dulhan Juttis for the Bride Who Wants Everything Traditional

Nothing beats the feeling of having a traditional wedding. Not only are you honouring your commitment as a couple, but you’ll also be placing your culture at the forefront of your marriage. And if there’s one thing that is most appropriate to wear at a traditional wedding, it’s the Dulhan jutti

The perfect Dulhan juttis for your big day

Juttis are an elegant pair of traditional shoes for special occasions, whether you’ll be the one walking down the aisle or celebrating the union of your best friend. These culturally significant shoes are known for their charming designs and intricate patterns, often crafted by hand and completed by talented artisans. 

What’s fantastic about Dulhan juttis is that they come in a wide variety of colours and patterns, unlike the usual white heels for Christian weddings. You can choose a pair according to your wedding theme, and of course, this means going bold, bright, and colourful!

Here are some elegant Dulhan juttis to check out for your special day:

  • Bhavya juttis

Red is a significant colour in Indian culture. At weddings, it is often used to represent passion, prosperity, and new beginnings. Moreover, it is a symbol of Durga, the Hindu goddess of feminine power. 

The Bhavya juttis are a superb representation of Indian culture and values, featuring bright red fabric with intricately embroidered patterns. 

  • Jijivisha juttis

Your wedding footwear does not always have to be bold and bright. If you want to draw attention to your dress, the Jijivisha juttis are simple yet elegant, featuring an exquisite white shoe with colourful hand embroidery. It is handcrafted by expert artisans, boasting Zari, thread, and sequence work. 

  • Yarima juttis

Want to go all out with your wedding? Leave no room for mediocrity and go for the Yarima juttis! This pair of traditional shoes are preferred for their grand mirror, thread, and Zari work design, reflecting light in all directions. And don’t worry — these juttis are still very comfortable, designed with double-cushioned padding and a Taiwan sole. 

Looking for more Dulhan jutti designs before the big day? Check out what local designers have to offer online!

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