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Know About Floral Embroidered Heel

Know About Floral Embroidered Heel


This summer sees the revival of an old craft: embroidery. The practice is no longer associated with older adults; instead, it is currently one of the most significant trends in denim, jackets, and, most significantly, shoes! Embroidery has been practiced in China since 1045 BC, symbolizing power and prosperity in that country.

These days, however, in 2018, it is an indication that summer is quickly approaching. Each heel has been given an additional dose of glitz thanks to the embroidered design! It's a fad that many famous people have started getting into recently.

It is abundantly evident that plain shoes are a thing of the past and that it is time to pull out the adorned shoes. This can be seen everywhere, from Taylor Swift's casual appearance to Gigi Hadid's elegant ensemble.

Gorgeous Mukkai Embroidered Floral Heels:

Gorgeous Mukkai floral embroidered heel Chunky Heels are designed to keep you on your feet all night thanks to the thin ankle strap and the fact that they are exceptionally comfy. Perfect if you want to look like Chelsea from "She Said, He Said" at a party or always look your best.

These lovely heels have an open toe and are crafted from soft vegan suede embroidered with a classic floral design. They also have a band across the vamp and a massive wrapped heel.

The finishing touches include a padded insole, an incorporated heel counter, and an adjustable buckled ankle strap. Both Black and Nude are Currently Available.

It would be difficult to thread through shoes.

Not! You liked that the pair of sneakers you chose did not require an embroidery hoop and that the fabric always remained taut. This was one of the selling points for you.

It is recommended that you select shoes with no additional padding or lining on the regions you wish to sew in the shoe.

Also, shoes that tie at the ankle with laces are more straightforward to repair than canvas slip-on shoes since the laces may be undone, and your hand can quickly enter the shoe via the opening.

It is also recommended that you use a needle that is brand new and extremely sharp, as well as a needle that is somewhat larger than the standard size.

Do you require the use of interfacing or lining?

You do not require the use of interfacing or lining, hooray! The thickness of shoe material is typically much greater than that of quilting cotton or garment material (e.g. tote bags or shirts).

This implies that the back of your embroidery and any knots will be "visible" when it is on display at your exhibition. For your part, you don't attach any backing to the embroidered area using glue or stitching.

As long as you have socks on, you shouldn't be able to detect anything on your feet.

Is regular embroidery thread an option for you?

Yes! You can use regular embroidery thread for this project; however, double-check that it is of high quality and retains its color well.

If you use low-quality cable, the colors may run when it rains, and the colors on your shoes may fade quickly if you wear them outside in the sun.


The pattern guide of Rajasthani Stuff includes a stitch guide with complete descriptions of the stitches, a color guide with the exact DMC thread colors you used, and instructions on mounting an embroidery hoop, transferring the pattern, and finishing the round.

The color guide includes the same DMC thread colors you used. The manual also features illustrations with color-coded instructions and templates that can be printed out for both pairs of shoes.

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