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Don’t Like Heels? Try Wedges as Your Wedding Footwear!

Don’t Like Heels? Try Wedges as Your Wedding Footwear!

Are you tired of wearing heeled shoes? This isn’t something to be ashamed of — high heels aren’t for everyone. However, this doesn’t mean you sacrifice extra height for comfort. Wedding wedges for Indian brides are an excellent alternative, giving you all the height without all the hassle.


The advantages of wearing wedding wedges for Indian brides over high heels

  • Comfort and stability 

Let’s face it — heels are some of the most uncomfortable shoes to wear. Even if you’re used to high heels, they can still make your feet feel sore after a few hours. 

So if you hate the feeling of wearing heels for long periods, consider buying a pair of wedges instead. These shoes would be perfect for a wedding, where you have to spend hours standing and interacting with various guests. 

  • Added height

Like high heels, wedges add more height to the wearer. The latter provides just as much extra height as the heel — the only difference is that they’re more comfortable. This is because wedges are significantly wider than high heels, making it easier for you to walk and stand even while being five inches off the ground. 

  • Versatility

Many experts suggest that wedges are more versatile than heels. You can wear them almost anywhere without feeling too over or underdressed, including in the office, the mall, or even the park. 

Plus, wedding wedges for Indian brides are becoming more popular. You can find elegant pieces crafted by local artisans, featuring traditional designs made with beads, Zari work, and thread work.

  • Sustainability

The biggest issue with wearing heels is that your weight is not distributed evenly throughout the shoe. This leads them to wear out, falling apart due to frequent use. 

In comparison, wedges are much more sustainable and long-lasting. They place less pressure on your feet, distributing weight evenly to ensure that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

Getting ready for your special day? Order your wedding wedges for Indian brides from a reputable designer with a wide range of products!

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