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Mule Sandals for Women — The Perfect Indian Ethnic Shoes You Can’t Afford to Miss

Mule Sandals for Women — The Perfect Indian Ethnic Shoes You Can’t Afford to Miss

Does it feel like your closet is missing a vital piece? There’s one type of shoe you can’t miss out on: mule sandals for women. 

Mule sandals for women — Why every woman needs at least one pair

Mule sandals are a type of shoe with no back part or fastening around the heel. As a result, you wear them like slippers, but they’re often closed around the toes instead of being open-toed.

What’s excellent about mules is that they come in many designs. For instance, you can find mule shoes that look like trainers without a back, while others look like sandals you can easily slip on. 

There’s no doubt that every woman needs at least one pair of mule sandals, and luckily for you, you can find mules with ethnic designs. These pieces of footwear would be perfect for special occasions where you need traditional outfits, such as weddings, festivals, and family gatherings. 

Here are some mule sandals for women you can add to your collection:

  • Citta mules

Want to wear something simple yet feminine? The Citta mules come in delicate and soft pink, studded with an intricate beaded design. They also feature elegant, handcrafted Zari work, adding a muted charm to any outfit. 

  • Nyra mules

Looking for something eye-catching to wear during a big occasion? The bright red Nyra mules are the perfect attention-grabber, featuring an exquisite floral design handcrafted by Zari work experts. This pair of mules have double padding and a Taiwan sole for extra comfort.

  • Ziva mules

Want something easy to pair with almost any outfit? You can never go wrong with black shoes — and the Ziva mules are the perfect option. These black mules feature Zari work detailing, with just enough embroidery to elevate your look. 

Don’t forget to purchase your mule sandals for women from a trusted local designer!

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